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CNet News
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27 mei 2020 21:45
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Disney World plans reopening date for July 11 - CNET
27 mei 21:02 - The Orlando, Florida, theme parks could be open in July after closing due to COVID-19.

Over 40% of Republicans wrongly believe Bill Gates will use COVID-19 vaccines to implant microchips in them - CNET
27 mei 20:48 - A survey finds a false conspiracy theory about vaccines implanting tracking microchips is popular among Fox News viewers, Republicans and Trump voters.

Bezos defends Amazon firing of activist employees - CNET
27 mei 20:47 - At the company's shareholder meeting, Bezos says Amazon has "no problem" with employees rights to protest.

HBO Max is live: Here's everything you need to know - CNET
27 mei 20:34 - It's the latest big-league streaming service, but it comes with a $15 monthly price tag and confusing upgrades for current HBO members. And if you want to watch on a Roku? No dice.

HBO Max is here, but you can't watch on Roku or Amazon Fire TV - CNET
27 mei 20:26 - HBO Max is launching without two of the biggest TV streaming platforms.

Get 20% off this already cheap little Bose competitor - CNET
27 mei 20:20 - Tribit's new StormBox Micro Bluetooth speaker stacks up well against Bose's $100 SoundLink Micro. For a limited time it's only $45 with a code.

Tectonic plates might be older than we originally thought, Yale scientists say - CNET
27 mei 20:20 - A tectonic plate never reveals her age.

Facelifted Hyundai Santa Fe will get hybrid powertrains, sharper looks - CNET
27 mei 20:06 - The updated midsize crossover should be revealed in a few weeks.

Rare evidence of dinosaur cannibalism found in Allosaurus fossils - CNET
27 mei 20:00 - Examining the bones of Jurassic carnivores, researchers find evidence of scavenging and, possibly, cannibalism.

Instagram experiments with badges, ads on IGTV - CNET
27 mei 19:41 - You may start noticing new ways to support creators on your feed.

Facebook launching TikTok-inspired Collab app - CNET
27 mei 19:36 - The music-making app is launching as an invite-only beta.

A NASA mission like no other: SpaceX makes spaceflight modern again - CNET
27 mei 19:20 - The historic Demo-2 mission scheduled Wednesday gets astronauts out of the '70s, finally.

HBO Max, Comcast deal unlocks Max for X1, Flex customers - CNET
27 mei 19:15 - HBO Max launched Wednesday without Comcast, the biggest US cable provider. But a better-late-than-never deal means X1 and Flex customers get Max with their existing HBO subscription.

Coway Bidetmega 150 is an easy way to help you save on TP - CNET
27 mei 19:14 - The lastest bidet from Coway is here to save you from the toilet paper hoarders.

Like Tesla, Rivian might offer its own insurance program - CNET
27 mei 19:07 - Rivian may also begin its own collision repair service, too.

Browser privacy bill amendment blows up over a single line - CNET
27 mei 18:50 - The privacy protections had widespread support -- then the full details came out. Undocumented people living in the US might not be included.

Doctor Who on HBO Max: 14 timeless episodes to get you started right away - CNET
27 mei 18:48 - All 12 seasons of Doctor Who time-travel onto HBO Max this week. Here are some of the best episodes to give you a flavor.

Amazon might buy self-driving startup Zoox, report says - CNET
27 mei 18:44 - The purchase would continue Amazon's work to create its own delivery network and cut out driver pay to save cash.

As coronavirus lockdowns lift, here's what's reopening: Disney World, Six Flags, Universal - CNET
27 mei 18:39 - Theme parks and stores begin welcoming the public again, albeit with safety restrictions.

HBO Max: 14 classic movies you have to stream right away - CNET
27 mei 18:37 - Citizen Kane, The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, Yojimbo. HBO Max is stuffed with cinematic classics from the Criterion Collection and various movie studios. We had a go at whittling it down.

An excellent percussive massage gun deal: Just $60 - CNET
27 mei 18:22 - Sore-muscle magic. It runs at 20 speeds and comes with eight attachments and a storage case.

Patches that remotely monitor coronavirus symptoms could help bring people back to work - CNET
27 mei 18:14 - Tech solutions may have good intentions but could raise privacy concerns.

Mazda RX-Vision GT3 imagines a gorgeous race car for Gran Turismo - CNET
27 mei 18:14 - The car is only for Gran Turismo Sport, but man, it needs to be a real thing.

Zack Snyder gives us glimpse at Snyder Cut's Darkseid as HBO Max launches - CNET
27 mei 18:14 - The Justice League big bad is coming in 2021.

Mercedes-Benz doesn't foresee synthetic fuels as a practical solution - CNET
27 mei 18:11 - Instead, the German carmaker will be all about electrification.

9 must-see Rick and Morty episodes to watch before the new season 4 shows - CNET
3 mei 19:07 - There's still time to catch up on some interdimensional cable, Mr. Meeseeks and Pickle Rick.

Pixel 4A and 4A XL: Rumors, release dates, specs, prices and more - CNET
3 mei 18:57 - The most compelling rumors surrounding Google's next budget phones.

IPhone 11 vs. iPhone 11 Pro: The main differences you should care about - CNET
3 mei 18:56 - We compare the specs and features of iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro to help you choose the best Apple phone.

Nintendo Switch Lite is in stock at Amazon, Best Buy and Target: Weekend inventory update - CNET
3 mei 17:48 - Just updated: Here's where you can find the $200 portable version of Nintendo's hot gaming console.

Make papercraft models of vintage computers and gaming systems - CNET
3 mei 17:45 - The Apple II, Commodore 64, Radio Shack's TRS-80 and Atari 520ST can be yours in paper form.

Florida lawyer visits reopened beaches dressed as Grim Reaper - CNET
3 mei 17:30 - Sunbathers don't fear the reaper.

The best prepared meal delivery services in 2020: Freshology, Home Chef, Daily Harvest and more - CNET
3 mei 16:05 - No-fuss, oven-ready meal kits.

The best meat delivery services in 2020: Crowd Cow, Snake River Farms, Porter Road and more - CNET
3 mei 16:04 - Explore your options for high-quality beef, pork, chicken and seafood all delivered to your door.

Ring doorbells are hard to recommend, but security updates have changed our buying advice - CNET
3 mei 16:00 - Commentary: We have to look beyond the hardware to determine whether to recommend a product or not.

Ally vs. Marcus: Which high-yield savings account is best? - CNET
3 mei 15:00 - Not all high-yield savings accounts are created or managed equally. Here's a breakdown between two of the most popular ones.

Disney Plus adds Star Wars profile pics for May 4 - CNET
3 mei 15:00 - You can now choose from seven new avatars, including a porg, Jabba the Hutt and Darth Maul.

The coronavirus has us even more reliant on Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google - CNET
3 mei 14:00 - COVID-19 fears have let big tech work its way deeper into everything we do, even if the companies' financial prospects remain up in the air.

Get a brand-new Google Home for just $29 - CNET
3 mei 14:00 - Regularly priced at $99, this is an all-time low price for Google's signature smart speaker.

For actress, author Laura Prepon, 'Mom Squads' are the new black - CNET
3 mei 14:00 - She became a TV star on That '70s Show and helped popularize streaming with Netflix's Orange Is the New Black. Her new focus: A life-hacking guide for moms.

Best speakerphone in 2020 for working from home - CNET
3 mei 13:00 - Doing a lot of conference calls from home these days using Zoom, Microsoft Teams or another platform? These compact speakerphone solutions will really improve your audio experience.

Phones under $200: Top picks and new budget phones - CNET
3 mei 12:37 - If you're looking for a phone for $200 or less, check out the ones we've reviewed and several new ones we're excited about.

IPhone SE vs. iPhone 11: Comparing cameras from both phones - CNET
3 mei 12:00 - We test how the $399 iPhone SE and its single rear camera compares against the $699 iPhone 11 and its dual rear cameras. It's not as straightforward as it seems.

Apple Watch 6 rumors: Pulse oximeter, sleep tracking (and the battery to support it?) - CNET
3 mei 09:02 - Every rumor we've heard about the 2020 Apple Watch.

The best board games for 2020: Lord of the Rings, Mansions of Madness and more - CNET
3 mei 08:32 - The hottest thing in gaming right now is classic low-tech tabletop experiences. Here's our line-up of the best board games for this year.

Best college laptops for 2020: Apple, Dell, Microsoft and more compared - CNET
3 mei 07:02 - Find an affordable laptop for every type of student.

The best treadmill for 2020: NordicTrack, Nautilus, Peloton and more - CNET
3 mei 06:54 - I spent three months testing treadmills so you don't have to.

The best TV for 2020 - CNET
3 mei 06:07 - Looking for a new TV? Start here.

10 cookbooks to get you through your quarantine - CNET
3 mei 04:53 - Whether you need comfort, have too many leftovers or don't know what to do with your pantry ingredients, these books have you covered.

Meet murder hornets, the pest killing off bees and invading our nightmares - CNET
3 mei 04:02 - What's up to 2 inches long, orange and yellow, and likes to decapitate bees? Say hello to the Asian giant hornet, now spotted in North America.

IPhone SE vs. iPhone 8 comparison: Which $400 iPhone should you get? - CNET
3 mei 00:58 - Some retailers are still selling the iPhone 8 despite Apple discontinuing the device. But you should just get the new iPhone SE instead.


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