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Tech Crunch
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1 maart 2019 13:10
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Amazon stops selling stick-on Dash buttons
1 mrt 11:56 - Amazon has confirmed it’s retired physical stick-on Dash buttons from sale — in favor of virtual alternatives that let Prime Members tap a digital button to reorder a staple product. It also points to its Dash Replenishment service — which offers an API for device makers wanting to build Internet connected appliances that can automatically […]

Revolut CFO resigns following money laundering controversy
1 mrt 11:38 - This hasn’t been a good week for challenger bank Revolut . The company, which offers digital banking services and is valued at $1.7 billion, confirmed today that embattled CFO Peter O’Higgins has resigned and left the business. The startup and O’Higgins have been under pressure after a Daily Telegraph report that revealed that Revolt switched […]

The Nordic Web Ventures raises a second fund and picks up Atomico’s Niklas Zennström as a backer
1 mrt 10:00 - The Nordic Web Ventures, the ‘pre-seed’ investment firm founded by Neil Murray in late 2017, has raised a second fund to continue backing very early-stage startups within the Nordic ecosystem. The remit of the new “Fund II” is largely unchanged from the first fund, promising to write the first cheque of between $50,000 and $75,000 […]

India’s Ola spins out a dedicated EV business — and it just raised $56M from investors
1 mrt 07:50 - Ola, Uber’s key rival in India, is doubling down on electric vehicles after it span out a dedicated business, which has pulled in $56 million in early funding. The unit is named Ola Electric Mobility and it is described as being an independent business that’s backed by Ola. TechCrunch understands Ola provided founding capital, and […]

Tesla delivers big price cuts to Model S and Model X vehicles
1 mrt 05:10 - Tesla made a flurry of announcements this afternoon with the highlight being the company’s reveal of its $35k Model 3. That reveal grabbed the most headlines, but updates to the Model S and Model X lines brought the costs of high-end models down with maxed out Performance + Ludicrous Mode versions of the S and […]

Tiger Global and Ant Financial lead $500M investment in China’s shared housing startup Danke
1 mrt 02:02 - A Chinese startup that’s taking a dorm-like approach to urban housing just raised $500 million as its valuation jumped over $2 billion. Danke Apartment, whose name means “eggshell” in Chinese, closed the Series C round led by returning investor Tiger Global Management and newcomer Ant Financial, Alibaba’s e-payment and financial affiliate controlled by Jack Ma. […]

Tesla closing retail stores in shift to online-only sales strategy
1 mrt 00:40 - Tesla is moving all of its sales online, a dramatic shift in its sales strategy that will result in the closure of stores and some layoffs as the automaker looks for ways to reduce costs in order to bring a cheaper Model 3 to market. Tesla CEO Elon Musk didn’t say how many stores would […]

Cherry lets startup employees choose their own office perks
1 mrt 00:37 - Forget the office ping pong table, Cherry, a startup in Y Combinator’s latest batch, wants to let employees take company perks into their own hands. Cherry co-founders (and sisters) Gillian and Emily O’Brien say their Slackbot marketplace will let employees completely personalize the lifestyle benefits they get from their company, allowing them to set up a […]

Facebook admits 18% of Research spyware users were teens, not
1 mrt 00:36 - Facebook has changed its story after initially trying to downplay how it targeted teens with its Research program that a TechCrunch investigation revealed was paying them gift cards to monitor all their mobile app usage and browser traffic. “Less than 5 percent of the people who chose to participate in this market research program were […]

A nanoparticle injection is all it takes to let these mice see in infrared
1 mrt 00:33 - I know it's everyone's dream to see outside the wavelengths allotted to our visual systems. Well, as usual, mice have gotten there first, with the help of some clever scientists. By injecting specialized light-tweaking nanoparticles into a mouse's retina, that mouse is suddenly and clearly able to perceive near-infrared light — suggesting the same could be possible for us, assuming you don't mind a needle in the eye.

CEO Richard Plepler is leaving HBO
1 mrt 00:21 - Richard Plepler, who’s been at HBO since 1992 and served as CEO since 2013, is leaving the network. In a staff memo, Plepler didn’t offer specific reasons for his departure but said, “Hard as it is to think about leaving the company I love, and the people I love in it, it is the right […]

The $35,000 Tesla Model 3 has arrived — but it comes with a price
28 feb 23:18 - The long-awaited $35,000 Tesla Model 3 has finally arrived, three years after CEO Elon Musk promised to bring the electric vehicle to market at that price point. But that cheaper Model 3 comes with a dramatic shift for Tesla. Tesla said that to achieve this lower price it will shift all sales globally to online […]

Skyrim mod drama gets ugly with allegations of stolen code and misappropriated donations
28 feb 23:13 - The people who volunteer their time modifying and updating old games are among the most generous of developers. So when drama erupts there's not just irritation and testy emails but a sense of a community being betrayed or taken advantage of. A recent conflict over work on the perennially renewed classic Skyrim may seem small but for those involved, it's a huge upset.

It’s a new era for fertility tech
28 feb 22:10 - We explored venture capitalists' latest bets on fertility and contraception tech, including Modern Fertility, Extend Fertility, Natural Cycles, Nurx, Clue and more.

This robot automatically sorts and prices cards from Magic: The Gathering
28 feb 22:06 - If you’ve ever dabbled in collectible card games — Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon, etc. — you know how quickly collections can grow. One pack turns into two. Two turns into five. Then they release some new set and… screw it, why not buy a whole box? Card resellers have the same problem, just magnified to […]

Tesla halts online sales ahead of Elon Musk announcement
28 feb 21:52 - Tesla buyers might have a hard time ordering a vehicle through its website for the next several hours. The “order” webpages for the Model 3, Model S and Model X vehicle all redirect to show a nebulous message that reads “The wait is almost over.” Below the main message, it reads “Great things are launching […]

Uber and Lyft are reportedly giving drivers cash to buy shares in their respective IPOs
28 feb 21:47 - Uber and Lyft are reportedly going to give money to some of its drivers to enable them to buy stock in the transportation companies’ respective initial public offerings, The Wall Street Journal reported earlier today. Citing people familiar with the matter, the WSJ says both Uber and Lyft will reward some of their more active […]

Zero Motorcycles leads in electric motorcycles as BRP scoops up Alta’s remains
28 feb 21:35 - As the mobility world awaits Harley Davidson’s EV debut, there’s plenty of motion in the e-moto startup space. Zero Motorcycles unveiled its new 110 horsepower SR/F model in New York this week, offering a 200 mile range, one hour charge capability, and top speed of 124 mph. The California based startup—whose investors include New York […]

Twitter confirms it’s working on a ‘Hide Tweet’ feature
28 feb 21:32 - Twitter today confirmed it’s developing a new “Hide Tweet” feature, which it says will give users another option to protect their conversations. The option, spotted in Twitter’s code, is available from a list of moderation choices that appear when you click the “Share” button on a tweet — a button whose icon has also been […]

Sequoia-backed Medallia raises $70M at a $2.4B valuation
28 feb 21:05 - Regulatory filings suggest the pre-IPO business has priced its shares at $15 apiece.

JIRA is an antipattern
9 dec 15:00 - Atlassian’s JIRA began life as a bug-tracking tool. Today, though, it has become an agile planning suite, “to plan, track, and release great software.” In many organizations it has become the primary map of software projects, the hub of all development, the infamous “source of truth.” It is a truism that the map is not […]

Awaken offers meditations focused on healing from systems of oppression
8 dec 20:54 - A mindful, contemplative approach to internalized racism and sexism is a necessary piece of the puzzle of dismantling systems of oppression, Awaken founder and CEO Ravi Mishra says. That’s the entire point of Awaken, a mindfulness and meditation app specifically geared toward helping people cope with the harsh realities of today’s society. Awaken got its […]

Why you need a supercomputer to build a house
8 dec 19:38 - When the hell did building a house become so complicated? Don’t let the folks on HGTV fool you. The process of building a home nowadays is incredibly painful. Just applying for the necessary permits can be a soul-crushing undertaking that’ll have you running around the city, filling out useless forms, and waiting in motionless lines […]

Apple Watch’s ECG feature is already proving its worth
8 dec 19:28 - When Apple announced its latest Series 4 Watch with electrocardiogram features, my mom took a sigh of relief, and then proceeded to set a reminder to order one for my dad. That’s because we found out last year, by chance, that he has atrial fibrillation. Atrial fibrillation is an irregular heartbeat, often times rapid heart rate […]

Dallas-based TXV Partners targets $50M for its debut fund
8 dec 18:00 - These first-time VCs want to raise $50M for a Dallas-based, millennial-focused venture firm.

SoftBank’s Vision Fund inches closer to $100B
8 dec 17:47 - Much has been said about the SoftBank Vision Fund, mostly in awe of the size of the investment vehicle. Today, however, the Vision Fund inched yet closer to that twelve-figure goal.

The nation-state of the internet
8 dec 16:50 - The internet is a community, but can it be a nation-state? It’s a question that I have been pondering on and off this year, what with the rise of digital nomads and the deeply libertarian ethos baked into parts of the blockchain community. It’s clearly on a lot of other people’s minds as well: when […]

Coinbase abandons its cautious approach with plan to list up to 30 new cryptocurrencies
8 dec 07:14 - Coinbase is the most conservative exchange in cryptoland, largely because it operates in the U.S. under the watchful eye of the SEC. The $8 billion-valued company trades fewer than ten cryptocurrencies to consumers but on Friday announced it announced a major expansion that could see it list up to 30 new tokens. The company said it is […]

Uber files confidentially for IPO
8 dec 02:49 - The ride-hailing giant is expected to go public in early 2019.

Report: Slack is prepping an IPO for next year, with Goldman Sachs as its lead underwriter
8 dec 01:47 - Slack, the workplace messaging company, has hired investment bank Goldman Sachs to lead its IPO next year, according to a Reuters report. Reuters’ sources say the company is hoping to nab a valuation of “well over $10 billion.” The WSJ reported back in September that Slack was “actively preparing” for an IPO in the first […]

Qualcomm lays off 269 employees in North Carolina and California
8 dec 00:33 - Qualcomm’s struggling data center business was hit another massive blow as the company laid off hundreds. The news, first revealed by the Information, has since been confirmed by TechCrunch. The chipmaker laid off 269 employees in all, including 144 in Raleigh, North Carolina, where its data center business is located, and an additional 125 in […]

Listen to the soothing sounds of Martian wind collected by NASA’s InSight lander
7 dec 23:22 - The InSight Mars lander accomplished a perfect landing last week on the Elysium Planitia region of the planet, where it is hard at work preparing to drill into the surface (and taking selfies, of course). But one "unplanned treat" is a recording of the wind rolling across the Martian plains — which you can listen to right here.

Huawei CFO, accused of fraud, faces up to 30 years in prison
7 dec 22:52 - New details have emerged surrounding Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou's arrest in Vancouver.

AI desperately needs regulation and public accountability, experts say
7 dec 22:44 - Artificial intelligence systems and creators are in dire need of direct intervention by governments and human rights watchdogs. Surprisingly, it looks like the tech industry just isn't that good at regulating itself.

Gift Guide: So your [friend, partner, kid, parent] wants to be a Twitch streamer…
7 dec 21:08 - Though many people still scratch their head at the idea of watching people play video games, Twitch and its content creators have proven that the platform is attractive to (even beloved by) tens of millions of people. Got a friend or loved one who believes they have the skill, personality and wide open schedule to […]

Leica releases the CL Street Kit for all of your decisive moments
7 dec 20:58 - Leica’s pricey — but sexy — CL camera is the closest thing you can get to an original portable luxury shooter without spending more than a used Toyota Corolla. The CL, which launched last year, is essentially a pared-down M series camera that has gotten rave reviews over the past year. Now, in time for […]

Here’s what caused yesterday’s O2 and SoftBank outages
7 dec 20:26 - It appears that most mobile carriers, including O2 and SoftBank, have recovered from yesterday’s cell phone network outage that was triggered by a shutdown of Ericsson equipment running on their networks. That shutdown appears to have been triggered by expired software certificates on the equipment itself. While Ericsson acknowledged in their press release yesterday that expired […]

Google Translate gets rid of some gender biases
7 dec 19:56 - Google is by no means perfect when it comes to issues relating to gender, but it’s clear the company is trying. Google recently made some important changes to its Translate tool — reducing gender bias by providing both masculine and feminine translations for gender-neutral words. Previously, Google would default gender-neutral words to the masculine form. […]

Netflix just had a record-breaking November on mobile
7 dec 19:06 - Netflix just broke new records on consumer spending in its mobile apps, according to new data app intelligence firm Sensor Tower has shared with TechCrunch. In November, Netflix pulled in an estimated $86.6 million in worldwide consumer spending across its iOS and Android apps combined — a figure that’s 77 percent higher than the $49 […]

Google warns app developers of three malicious SDKs being used for ad fraud
7 dec 18:17 - A few days ago, Google removed popular Cheetah Mobile and Kika Tech apps from its Play Store following a BuzzFeed investigation, which discovered the apps were engaging in ad fraud. Today, as a result of Google’s ongoing investigation into the situation, it has discovered three malicious ad network SDKs that were being used to conduct ad […]

Essential acquires email startup CloudMagic
7 dec 18:15 - Andy Rubin’s Essential has acquired CloudMagic, makers of the Newton email app, for an undisclosed sum. The news, first reported this morning, has since been confirmed by TechCrunch. An Essential spokesperson offered the following admittedly open-ended statement, “We are always on the lookout for companies with great technology and talent to help accelerate our product […]

Pivotal announces new serverless framework
7 dec 18:11 - Pivotal has always been about making open-source tools for enterprise developers, but surprisingly, up until now, the arsenal has lacked a serverless component. That changed today with the alpha launch of Pivotal Function Service. “Pivotal Function Service is a Kubernetes-based, multi-cloud function service. It’s part of the broader Pivotal vision of offering you a single […]

Audi e-tron first drive: Quick, comfortable and familiar
7 dec 18:00 - Even after a few minutes behind the wheel, it’s easy to forget the Audi e-tron is electric. The SUV is not outrageous or radical, but rather pedestrian and effortless. Audi didn’t invent something new with the e-tron. The German car company stuck a competent electric powertrain in an SUV, and, in the process, created a […]

This DIY Enigma machine fits inside a pocket watch
7 dec 16:56 - The year is 1940. Through the use of arcane atomic technologies, the Axis have brought back modern technology from the year 2018. Their main prize? This amazing Enigma Pocket Watch. This tiny watch, created by a maker calling himself asciimation, uses an Arduino Pro Micro and a small OLED screen to recreate the Enigma machine […]

2 Milly files a lawsuit against Fortnite maker Epic Games over dance move
7 dec 16:40 - Rapper 2 Milly is suing Epic Games over Fortnite’s use of his dance move, the Milly Rock. The lawsuit claims direct infringement of copyright, contributory infringement of copyright and violation of the Right of Publicity under California Common Law, among other things. From the filing: Defendants capitalized on the Milly Rock’s popularity, particularly with its […]

IBM selling Lotus Notes/Domino business to HCL for $1.8B
7 dec 16:33 - IBM announced last night that it is selling the final components from its 1995 acquisition of Lotus to Indian firm HCL for $1.8 billion. IBM paid $3.5 billion for Lotus back in the day. The big pieces here are Lotus Notes, Domino and Portal. These were a big part of IBM’s enterprise business for a long […]

Amazon’s cashier-free Go stores may be coming to airports
7 dec 16:31 - According to a new report from Reuters, Amazon is looking at several top U.S. airports for potential locations for its cashier-free Go stores. The service cites public request records from airport operators suggesting meetings with the head of the retail service. Both the San Jose and Los Angeles airports have confirmed Amazon’s interest. Dallas appears […]

Apple acquired Platoon, a platform for musicians to create and distribute work
7 dec 16:24 - Spotify has made some significant moves to bypass record labels and work directly with artists, and there are signs that Apple could be eyeing up a similar approach to get a bigger share of original content. According to a report in Music Business Worldwide and also confirmed by us with sources close to the deal, Apple […]

Walmart acquires art and wall décor retailer Art.com
7 dec 15:55 - Walmart’s acquisition spree continues. Only a couple of months after picking up apparel and lingerie brands ELOQUII and Bare Necessities, respectively, the company on Thursday announced its plans to acquire the assets from online art and wall décor retailer Art.com. The all-cash deal is expected to close in early 2019, and includes Art.com’s catalog, IP, trade […]

The next Avengers movie has a title and a cryptic first trailer
7 dec 15:51 -  If you’re reading this post, you probably want to watch the first trailer for the new Avengers movie. So go ahead, watch it. I’ll wait. It doesn’t show much that viewers of “Avengers: Infinity War” hadn’t already guessed (spoilers!): Namely, that the galactic warlord Thanos has succeeded in his plot to eliminate half the […]


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