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9 december 2018 22:10
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Here’s why NASA is sending worms to space
9 dec 15:02 - Space launches are some of the most spectacular and nerve wracking events you can witness. And when you are actually involved in one, you realize just how much can go wrong. We are currently in Florida, nervously counting down the hours until we launch our experiment, sending thousands of microscopic worms to the International Space Station (ISS) aboard the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. The launch, taking place at NASA Kennedy Space Center on December 4, isn’t the only one we have to worry about. Our mission is dependent on a Soyuz rocket successfully carrying three crew members to the ISS… This story continues at The Next Web

Get web projects off the ground faster with this $24 Flask coding bundle
9 dec 15:00 - Flask is an incredibly versatile tool that can get you halfway to a finished web experience or working digital app very quickly. That’s why it’s a go-to for heavy-duty users like Airbnb, Netflix, Uber, Samsung, Reddit and more. It’s also a brilliant entry point for young programmers, something you’ll learn fast with The Professional Flask Developer course bundle, now just $23.20 (over 90 percent off) from TNW Deals with promo code: GREENMONDAY20.

Women were written out of science history – it’s time we put them back in
9 dec 10:30 - Can you name a female scientist from history? Chances are you are shouting out Marie Curie. The twice Nobel Prize-winning Curie and mathematician Ada Lovelace are two of the few women within Western science to receive lasting popular recognition. One reason women tend to be absent from narratives of science is because it’s not as easy to find female scientists on the public record. Even today, the numbers of women entering science remain below those of men, especially in certain disciplines. A-level figures show only 12 percent of candidates in computing and 22 percent in physics in 2018 were girls.… This story continues at The Next Web

How blockchain is bringing staffing innovation
9 dec 05:50 - Blockchain technology is rapidly spreading into every available corner in the market, leading many business owners and managers to encounter it for the first time recently. While many have heard about the exciting cryptocurrencies that are sucking up media attention, like Bitcoin, few have heard as much about the blockchain tech that’s powering those cryptocurrencies and other dizzying digital trends forward. That’s a shame, because blockchain has tremendous potential to reshape how contemporary businesses work, starting with bringing staffing innovation to the market. Here’s how Blockchain will change the way approach recruiting in the future. The rise of the gig… This story continues at The Next Web

Here’s how a second-hand game market for digital copies should work
8 dec 19:30 - The last weeks have been abuzz with players trying out Red Dead Redemption 2, a long-awaited title by Rockstar games, offered at around $60. Despite its popularity, it’s already entered the secondary market, available for around $50. However, only people who buy physical discs could benefit from this price drop, as a secondary market for digital game copies simply doesn’t exist. But what if we did have a secondary market for digital copies of video games? How would it work, what would it look like, and who would benefit from it the most? This month, my family bought a vinyl… This story continues at The Next Web

Here’s what your phone can learn from the sound of your voice
8 dec 17:00 - The vast majority of people in developed countries now carry a smartphone everywhere. And while many of us are already well aware of privacy issues associated with smartphones, like their ability to track our movements or even take surreptitious photos, an increasing number of people are starting to worry that their smartphone is actually listening to everything they say. There might not be much evidence for this but, it turns out, it isn’t far from the truth. Researchers worldwide have begun developing many types of powerful audio analysis AI algorithms that can extract a lot of information about us from… This story continues at The Next Web

Already learned DevOps? Great, now it’s time for GitOps
8 dec 15:30 - You’ve seen DevOps, and DevSecOps, and maybe even NoOps. But if you haven’t already, you’re going be hearing a whole lot more about GitOps. As an indicator, four of the sessions at the upcoming KubeCon are about GitOps. You might not know what GitOps is, but if you’re developing software, there’s a good chance you’re already doing it. What’s GitOps? And do we really need another software development buzzword? Well, GitOps is really the culmination of a few different trends in software development, deployment, and operation taken to their logical conclusion. Together, they create a new way of working with… This story continues at The Next Web

Get more done in less time with this $24 productivity bundle
8 dec 15:00 - While everyone’s path to productivity is unique, there are some guidelines you can follow to help find your own keys to success. The training in The Complete Productivity Booster Bundle ($23.20, over 90 percent off with promo code: GREENMONDAY20, from TNW Deals) can help you find the steps that work for you.

This is how I started a successful B2B tech company
8 dec 11:30 - Less than a decade ago, I left a high-paying tech job in New York City to found my own SEO-optimization company. It was a calculated risk — I had a family to support but did not pursue investors or venture capital. Instead, I focused on organically building a consulting company, and using it to later incubate my software company. Since I left my job in November 2011, I have personally sold around $3 million of business to date (without an enterprise sales background). This is more than twice what I would have made if I stayed at my previous job,… This story continues at The Next Web

Biohackers enhance sex with this vibrating implant for men
8 dec 10:02 - An implant inserted near the pelvis to deliver “on-demand” vibrations is in development by American biohacker Rich Lee. Designed for men, the Lovetron9000 device will be inserted beneath the skin of the pelvis to “enhance the shared experience of lovemaking, emanating a passionate vibration that connects you to your partner,” Lee says. Lee from St. George, Utah, has spent $15,000 developing the toy – although is yet to sell one or use it himself. “We’re the first movers [in the biohacking field],” he told Bloomberg. “But as the technology becomes more mainstream, there will be potential uses for pretty much everybody.” The Lovetron9000’s… This story continues at The Next Web

Coinbase wants to remind you that cryptocurrency is still shit
8 dec 03:19 - For those that bought Bitcoin in 2009, or even in 2011, I can only hope you’ve already sold it. For those that bought Bitcoin in 2017, well… sorry? Coinbase, one of the largest places to buy cryptocurrency online, seems to want you to revel in the Bitcoin‘s failures. For unknown reasons, the company still proudly displays a chart (which we first noticed last year, during the cryptocurrency boom) that shows the dollar value of Bitcoin if you’d bought $100 worth in 2013. Sadly, it’s about as bad as you’d expect. I love that @coinbase still have this page on their… This story continues at The Next Web

The Apple Watch’s new ECG feature is already saving lives
8 dec 01:02 - Sure, Apple may have announced three new iPhones, a new MacBook Air, and the new iPad Pro this year, but the most important product is the company’s Apple Watch Series 4. It was just last night that Apple activated the Watch’s electrocardiogram (ECG) feature, and it appears to already be saving lives. Redditor u/edentel posted his experience today after receiving an alert on his Apple watch indicating he may have atrial fibrillation – afib for short – and decided to go to the doctor. The Doctor confirmed the Watch’s reading, saying “this probably saved you.” The post is worth reading in its… This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: Apple Watch,Apple

Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg spit fire in new Epic Rap Battles of History
7 dec 22:35 - Epic Rap Battles of History just came back triumphant after almost two years of silence, and the opponents in the latest battle are none other than the most infamous CEOs of the year: Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg versus Tesla’s Elon Musk. The choice of rivals is not a huge surprise — I’ve been seeing this match-up requested in comments for at least the last year. Series creators “NicePeter” Shukoff (who plays Zuckerberg) and “EpicLloyd” Ahlquist (who plays Musk) had previously said they would be starting the new season next year, but announced they’d be releasing a bonus episode today. The last… This story continues at The Next Web

Yale teaches robots not to mess with people’s stuff
7 dec 21:07 - When it comes to getting a quality education, a robot could do far worse than a program at Yale. Machine learning researchers at the Ivy-League university recently started teaching robots about the nuances of social interaction. And there’s no better place to start than with possessions. One of the earliest social constructs that humans learn is the idea of ownership. That’s my bottle. Gimme that teddy bear. I want that candy bar and I will make your life a living hell if you don’t buy it for me right now. Robots, on the other hand, don’t have a grain of… This story continues at The Next Web

Epic dances around legal issues with Fortnite emotes
7 dec 20:57 - Rapper 2 Milly yesterday revealed he was suing Epic Games, the creators of Fortnite, for copying his dance, the Milly Rock, in one of their emotes. The problem, he says, is not just that he’s not being fairly credited and compensated — it’s that he’s just one of several artists who’ve been treated this way by the game company. (Mis)Appropriation In the complaint filed by 2 Milly’s (real name: Terrence Ferguson) lawyers in a California court, they allege that Epic Games ripped off several artists, saying, “Epic has consistently sought to exploit African-American talent in particular in Fortnite by copying their dances and movements.” The complaint goes on to… This story continues at The Next Web

Discover a gift for your partner with our huge personality-based guide
7 dec 18:11 - Here at Plugged we cover gadgets differently. Rather than giving products an arbitrary rating (five out of seven! Nine stars!), we conclude our reviews by describing the person that an item would be perfect for. We wanted to take this same approach to our gift guides. So instead of doing a normal list, we’ve split the items into personality types. Specifically, the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator, a system that orders people into 16 specific groups. This chart sums it up succinctly, but don’t worry about that too much – we’ve put a short description of each type of person in each section.… This story continues at The Next Web

The ‘Avengers: Endgame’ trailer is here, along with a new release date
7 dec 18:01 - It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. The trailer for Avengers 4 has finally arrived, along with an official name. Get ready for Avengers: Endgame. It’s certainly… moody. Understandable, after half the universe has been wiped out, I suppose. If you want to go into the movie fresh, don’t worry; this trailer won’t do much to spoil things for you, as it’s also surprisingly light on plot and character appearances. Of course, there will inevitably be more trailers to come in the months leading up to the movie’s release. Speaking of, there’s another surprise today – the movie has been pushed forward… This story continues at The Next Web

Discuss the future of payments at Hard Fork Decentralized
7 dec 17:14 - There are only five days left until Hard Fork Decentralized, our blockchain and cryptocurrency event in London, UK. If you’re interested in discussing the future of payments with industry leaders, we’ve selected some events you shouldn’t miss: Decentralized finance (University College London) The UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies focuses on the impact of this tech on our socio-economic systems, as well as the promotion of a safe and organic development and adoption of blockchain-based platforms. Join their event to learn more about bringing decentralization to the financial world. You can sign up for this event right here. The social evolution… This story continues at The Next Web

MasterCard wants to make electronic payments anonymous… with blockchain
7 dec 16:01 - Just as the US Department of Homeland Security announced plans to develop forensic techniques to deanonymize cryptocurrency transactions, MasterCard has thrown a spanner in the works with plans for the exact opposite. According to a recent patent application, the payment infrastructure provider wants to anonymize “electronic transactions via blockchain.” The patent explains how the system would obscure the origin and amount of funds involved in a given transaction. MasterCard‘s idea sounds an awful lot like a mixer or tumbler – a system often used by cybercriminals to launder dirty cryptocurrency. Effectively, it works by providing a primary address for a… This story continues at The Next Web

What we know about the ConsenSys layoffs, as told by a ‘fired’ employee
7 dec 15:43 - ConsenSys, the blockchain behemoth powering a swathe of Ethereum-related software, is letting 13 percent of its staff go in a bid to retain a sense of viability. The company confirmed what many believed would be inevitable: the exponential growth enjoyed by Joseph Lubin’s decentralized business experiment can’t, and won’t, go on forever. A press release optimistically dubbed the new, 13-percent-lighter company as “ConsenSys 2.0,” presumably an attempt to spin the situation positively. “Excited as we are about ConsenSys 2.0, our first step in this direction has been a difficult one,” the press release read. “We are streamlining several parts of… This story continues at The Next Web

Coinbase is considering 30 new cryptocurrencies, including EOS and XRP
7 dec 15:36 - After doubling its cryptocurrency lineup this year, it seems popular exchange service Coinbase has no intention of slowing down its expansion into altcoin trading. The company has revealed it’s exploring a large list of cryptocurrencies that could soon be added to its flagship desktop and mobile app, Coinbase.com. Among others, Coinbase singled out Ripple‘s XRP, Cardano’s ADA, EOS, as well as the embattled Tezos (XTZ). Indeed, the exchange claims it’s currently considering over 30 new additions. Here is the full list: Cardano (ADA) Aeternity (AE) Aragon (ANT) Bread Wallet (BRD) Civic (CVC) Dai (DAI) district0x (DNT) EnjinCoin (ENJ) EOS (EOS)… This story continues at The Next Web

Become certified as a Salesforce Trailblazer with the help of this $24 complete bundle
7 dec 15:00 - That puts a lot of power and potential in the hands of those who can utilize all of Salesforce’s ingenious tools. You can join those ranks and get employed quick with the instruction in The Salesforce Certification Training Bundle. It’s discounted now down to only $24.00 from TNW Deals with promo code: GREENMONDAY20.

This tech company has a very, very unfortunate name
7 dec 14:56 - KnowTechie is one of my favorite blogs. Earlier this week, it published a post about a super-cheap ‘smart’ RGB bias light from Chinese tech brand MINGER. Yes, you read that right. MINGER. It’s unfortunate the branding team at MINGER didn’t stop to Google it first, as MINGER is a rather cruel British insult. Here’s how Urban Dictionary defines it: “Someone who was not just touched by the ugly stick at birth but was battered severely with it. Anyone who does not look better to you after several strong alcoholic drinks probably fits this category” You get the idea. Other definitions… This story continues at The Next Web

Hello Big Brother: EU wants to manage your digital identity on the blockchain
7 dec 14:49 - Blockchain promised us freedom and liberation from centralized authorities like governments, but in the latest report from the EU Blockchain Forum (EUBF), the technology is starting to sound more like 1984 than ever before. The EUBF’s latest report details that for blockchain to realize its potential within government institutions, they must focus on using the technology to build two things: digital identity systems, and digital versions of their national currencies. “Digital identity is the fundamental building block and a key area for governments to focus on,” the report reads. “Another important building block … is having digital versions of national… This story continues at The Next Web

Find a gift for your parents with our massive personality-based guide
7 dec 14:32 - Here at Plugged we cover gadgets differently. Rather than giving products an arbitrary rating (five out of seven! Nine stars!), we conclude our reviews by describing the person that an item would be perfect for. We wanted to take this same approach to our gift guides. So instead of doing a normal list, we’ve split the items into personality types. Specifically, the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator, a system that orders people into 16 specific groups. This chart sums it up succinctly, but don’t worry about that too much – we’ve put a short description of each type of person in each section.… This story continues at The Next Web

Mozilla is deeply concerned about Microsoft killing EdgeHTML
7 dec 13:18 - Earlier this week, Microsoft announced that it would discontinue the EdgeHTML browser engine. Future versions of Edge would use Google’s Chromium rendering engine, which powers a swathe of browsers, including Chrome and Opera. Edge was never a popular browser, and at the time of writing commands just 4.34 percent of the market, according to NetMarketShare. However, the increasing homogenization of the browser space doesn’t sit well with many. Mozilla, the non-profit behind the Firefox browser, is deeply anxious about Microsoft’s recent move, and the inevitable prospect of handing more of the Internet to Google. After all, this is the company that single-handedly… This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: Microsoft,Mozilla

The week’s best Android games to play while weaning yourself off Facebook
7 dec 12:35 - Welcome to our weekly column, in which YouTuber NimbleThor brings you a short list of the best new mobile games for your Android device. Whether you’re into casual time wasters or hardcore shooters, you’ll find something in here to exercise your thumbs with. Facebook has been on a downward spiral for months now, as we’ve come to realize there’s no reason to spend hours on a platform that does not care about our privacy, and that seems to be going out of style right quick. So what should spend your time on instead? Well, we’ve found four great Android games that will be sure… This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: Android,Facebook

DeepMind’s AlphaZero AI is the new champion in chess, shogi, and Go
7 dec 11:43 - Till now, we were trying to develop an AI which can beat Human players at respective board games. But the race has now shifted to beating other top AI players at their own games. Alphabet Inc.’s AI division, DeepMind, has developed an AI named AlphaZero, which can learn and master games like chess, Go, and shogi without any human intervention. In a paper published in The Journal Science, the DeepMind team notes that AlphaZero is an improved version of its famous AlphaGo engine. After feeding basic rules of chess, shogi, and Go, it took AlphaZero, nine hours, 12 hours, and… This story continues at The Next Web

SEC pushes long-awaited decision on Bitcoin ETF to February 2019
7 dec 10:55 - If you had any hopes that a Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) would be coming in early 2019, to bring Bitcoin to Wall Street, it’s time to put them aside – again. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) yesterday released an update stating it is pushing its decision on the VanEck Bitcoin ETF back to February 27, 2019. According to the update, the SEC has received over 1,600 comments on the proposed rule change which would enable the launch of the Bitcoin ETF. Clearly, the SEC is taking its time to ensure all feedback has been considered, and that the… This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: Bitcoin

12 creative virtual reality uses businesses should consider
7 dec 10:00 - Virtual reality (VR) has made massive bounds in recent years. We’re now seeing VR as an innovative and creative experience catered to customers. To find out about the creative ways entrepreneurs are using VR — and which methods have true applicability — I asked a panel of entrepreneurs from Young Entrepreneur Council the following question: What’s the most creative use of VR you’ve seen, and how has it inspired your own business efforts? Their best answers are below: 1. Anything related to physical space VR will change the way most physical spaces are being shown. This rears its head in real… This story continues at The Next Web

Researchers found a psychological link between conspiracy theories and creationism
7 dec 09:31 - Ask a three-year-old why they think it’s raining, and she may say “because the flowers are thirsty”. Her brother might also tell you that trees have leaves to provide shade for people and animals. These are instances of teleological thinking, the idea that things came into being and exist for a purpose. Teleological explanations for natural phenomena are rejected by scientists because these explanations appeal to intentions. But trees do not grow leaves and rain clouds do not drop water with an outcome in mind. It rains because of physics. And those physics would apply equally if there were no… This story continues at The Next Web

WordPress 5.0 introduces a flexible block-based content editor
7 dec 09:00 - Automattic has just released version 5.0 of its immensely popular WordPress CMS, with a bunch of new features centered around customizable content blocks – catching up at last to its rivals who have offered this for years now. At the heart of this new version is the content editor, which lets you insert all kinds of media in blocks, and adjust them so they’re displayed however you like: as horizontal banners, full-width images, or narrow sidebars. You can move these around a page to create the layout you want. Plus, if you’re delivering a site design to a client who’ll maintain… This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: WordPress

Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 8cx chip for PCs promises greater performance and graphics capabilities
7 dec 08:18 - Qualcomm has previously developed some ho-hum chips for Windows 10-based always-connected PCs. But this time it means business, with its first 7nm Snapdragon 8cx (Compute Extreme) chip for laptops that promises significantly greater performance than its predecessors. The company first introduced connected PC support with the Snapdragon 835, and last year it modded the Snapdragon 845 to build the Snapdragon 850 for Windows 10. However, the 8cx is the first chip designed specifically for PCs. The company first introduced connected PC support with the Snapdragon 835 mobile processor in 2017, and later in the year, it modded the Snapdragon 845… This story continues at The Next Web

Apple Watch 4’s ECG heart monitor feature is live, here’s how to use it
7 dec 06:52 - One of the biggest upgrades to the Apple Watch Series 4 from its predecessor is its ability to record an electrocardiogram and detect issues with how the user’s heart is functioning. The company’s FDA-approved feature is now live for users in the US. The device can detect irregularities in your heartbeat, which can point to critical conditions like atrial fibrillation that may result in a stroke. If your Watch classifies your rhythm as a high heart rate or atrial fibrillation, you’ll want to talk to your doctor. However, it’s worth noting that the Watch only records a basic single-lead ECG,… This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: Apple Watch,Apple

Google is fixing gender bias in its Translate service
7 dec 06:12 - Google Translate has previously displayed signs of gender bias by assigning genders to certain adjectives and words describing occupations. Thankfully, the company’s rolling out an update to fix this. The company said that after the update, Google translate will provide both feminine and masculine translations for gender-neutral words: Historically, it has provided only one translation for a query, even if the translation could have either a feminine or masculine form. So when the model produced one translation, it inadvertently replicated gender biases that already existed. For example: it would skew masculine for words like “strong” or “doctor,” and feminine for… This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: Google

Epic Games’ store is now open, promises a free title every fortnight
7 dec 05:37 - As promised, publisher Epic Games has thrown open the doors to its online store today, with a small selection of PC games on its shelves. The Fortnite developer is hoping to take on Valve’s popular Steam store with its new shop, but it won’t be an easy run. To that end, Epic is offering developers a better deal on sales revenue, and it’ll eventually offer Android titles as well. The store will also release one game for free every two weeks through 2019. Up first is underwater exploration title Subnautica, which will be available at no charge from December 14.… This story continues at The Next Web

Comparison: Is Astro’s A50 gaming headset worth $200 more than Logitech’s G433?
7 dec 04:29 - Perhaps the best part about Logitech, these days, is the number of products on offer at differing price points. After the company purchased Astro Gaming last summer, it added a high-end line of stellar gaming cans, rivaling anyone in the industry, including Razer, Turtle Beach, and others. And to show off its newfound range in headset availability, the company sent us two to play with: the corded Logitech G433, and Astro’s A50 Wireless. There’s a lot to love, but we’re going to pit the two against one another in a death match of sorts instead. Not to spoil the ending,… This story continues at The Next Web

Valve’s CS:GO is the latest to shove in a battle royale mode
7 dec 01:07 - Valve today revealed it’d be adding a battle royale mode to its FPS Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. I presume it was feeling left out. The new mode will be automatically added to the files of all existing CS:GO players, and is called “Danger Zone.” You’re welcome for getting the Kenny Loggins song stuck in your head. Danger Zone sounds like what you’d expect from any battle royale mode. According to Valve, Danger Zone is, “a fast-paced battle royale game mode built on CS:GO‘s tactical gameplay where players use their wits, skill, and resources to fight to the finish.” Players must compete… This story continues at The Next Web

Reddit’s data hoarders are frantically trying to save Tumblr’s NSFW content
7 dec 00:50 - After Tumblr announced, on Monday, that it was invoking the nuclear option to expel NSFW content on the platform, the internet reacted with predictable rage. At TNW, we speculated about whether the move would kill the platform. Yesterday, I scribbled a piece on those stung by the change. To my surprise, that’s primarily women and other marginalized groups who sought solace in Tumblr‘s pseudonymous communities. Reddit veered in a different direction, as it so often does — for better, or worse. By Wednesday afternoon, just two days after the announcement, a group was already hard at work attempting to archive the… This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: Reddit,Tumblr

Don’t believe the hype: There’s nothing wrong with the space station robot
6 dec 22:19 - CIMON, an AI-powered robot developed by IBM and Airbus, recently acted perfectly normal during interactions with human crew aboard the International Space Station (ISS). A slew of journalists don’t agree with that assessment, but we’ll let you decide. When a crew member tried to ask it to do stuff it got confused, misinterpreted certain voice commands, and generally failed to produce the expected results with any consistency. Yep, sounds like business as usual. If you own a smart speaker, interact with a virtual assistant, or have ever played Zork (okay, maybe not that one) you know exactly how it feels… This story continues at The Next Web

YouTube’s creators hit meme bingo in Rewind 2018
6 dec 22:14 - YouTube today released the 2018 edition of Rewind, its Year-in-Review performance art piece, in which it acknowledged the major trends on the platform. And no surprise, it was full of references to Fortnite, K-pop, and, of course, Drake. If you’ve checked any of the videos in the Trending tab in the past three or four months, you’ll probably recognize at least a few of the names: Ninja, the Try Guys, Lilly Singh, Liza Koshy, Safiya Nygaard, Marques Brownlee… Admittedly, the list of creators featured in the video was small compared with the Rewinds of years’ past, and the absence of some… This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: YouTube

How the human eye could destroy quantum mechanics
6 dec 19:38 - At the very edge of human perception lies our eyes’ ability to perceive a single photon of light. Physicists believe this amazing feat could be a catalyst to illuminate some of our universe’s biggest mysteries. What is the universe made of? Why are we here? One popular theory that addresses both of these questions is called quantum mechanics. It insists the universe operates on a basis of uncertainty that relies on observation and measurement to determine reality. It then follows that, if the universe is made up of those phenomena that are uncertain, and those that can measure them, humans would… This story continues at The Next Web

Coinbase doubled its cryptocurrency lineup in 2018 — and that’s just the beginning
6 dec 18:26 - With yesterday’s addition of Zcash (ZEC), popular exchange service Coinbase has more than doubled its cryptocurrency lineup in 2018 – and by the looks of it, the trend is here to stay. Up until August, Coinbase supported a narrow inventory of cryptocurrencies on its flagship desktop and mobile apps, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH), the last one of which was added last December. But this year alone, Coinbase has already bumped its offering with five new currencies: Ethereum Classic (ETC), 0x (ZRX), Circle’s dollar-pegged USD Coin (USDC), Brave browser’s Basic Attention Token (BAT), and… This story continues at The Next Web

Microsoft Edge is officially switching to Chromium in 2019 – here’s why that’s a good thing
6 dec 18:07 - It’s a new era for Microsoft. After dominating the early web with Internet Explorer and struggling to reach the same prominence with Edge, the company today announced it will be transitioning its browser to a Chromium-based platform in 2019. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. But Microsoft doesn’t just see the move as a case of giving in to the competition. By incorporating Google’s Chromium into Edge on the desktop, along with other sweeping changes being announced today, the company aims to improve its browser in a way that wasn’t feasible before. If you ask me, it’s a good… This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: Microsoft

Why you’re better off surfing the Web with Malwarebytes
6 dec 17:03 - Few could have predicted where the Web would take us when it was first getting off the ground. But now, with the average American spending 24 hours online each week, it’s safe to say the Web plays a major part in our daily lives. This is both a good and bad thing. On one hand, we have a nearly limitless amount of information (and YouTube videos) at our fingertips, but on the other, every minute we spend online is another minute we’re at risk of being attacked, chiefly through malware. Short for “malicious software,” malware covers any kind of program… This story continues at The Next Web

Ethereum’s price briefly collapsed from $100 to $13 on Coinbase Pro
6 dec 16:38 - Another day, another mad cryptocurrency anomaly. For a brief moment, the price of Ethereum on Coinbase Pro (formerly known as GDAX) collapsed from almost $100 down to a measly $13. The incident took place at around 6 AM UTC. Since then, the price of Ethereum – the third largest cryptocurrency by market cap after Bitcoin and Ripple – has bounced back to an average trading rate of about $97. Indeed, it only took moments before its value climbed back from $13 to $97. For the record, it appears the anomaly solely affected the Ethereum price on Coinbase Pro’s USDC markets.… This story continues at The Next Web

Kik now lets you tip users with cryptocurrency – but there’s a catch
6 dec 15:09 - Kik is getting ready to roll out its Kin cryptocurrency to its mobile messenger in a big way. The company has announced a new tipping feature, powered by the Kin Blockchain. Starting today, Kik users will be able to send cryptocurrency tips to moderators and admins. For now, the feature will be exclusively available to group chats, but Kik plans to open it up to all users in the near future. “The addition of admin tipping incentivizes public group admins to foster enjoyable chat experiences on Kik, while giving group participants the opportunity to thank admins for maintaining these spaces in the… This story continues at The Next Web

Bad WiFi? The answer is this $105 mesh wi-fi extended bundle
6 dec 15:00 - The Bearifi Edge Mesh WiFi Extender bundle can help get around all those pesky dead zones and connection issues that plague so many homes. Right now, TNW Deals is knocking almost $37 off the price of the bundle, bringing the total down to just $103.20 with promo code: GREENMONDAY20.

The Financial Times partners with Hard Fork Decentralized
6 dec 14:52 - Our blockchain and cryptocurrency event, Hard Fork Decentralized, is just around the corner. Next week, over 30 decentralized events will take place across London to discuss the future of the industry, and to explore how this will impact the way we do business. You can meet the people behind eToro, TRON, ConsenSys, Luno, IOTA, Waves, Opera, and many more on December 12-14. Check it out and register your ticket right here. Hard Fork Decentralized also has a new partnership that we’re very excited about. The Financial Times is the world’s leading global business publication, with extensive coverage of blockchain and cryptocurrency… This story continues at The Next Web

Hodl my beer: Coinbase trademarks the non-word ‘BUIDL’
6 dec 14:42 - In a seemingly random move Coinbase has submitted a trademark request for the word “buidl.” No, you read the correctly, the cryptocurrency exchange is trying to trademark a miss-spelling of the word “build.” The application document identifies the trademark in relation to “Software as a service (SAAS) services featuring software for transactions using virtual currency, namely, software for managing, buying, selling, storing, transacting, exchanging, sending and receiving virtual currency.” The application goes on to say that the trademark will be used in conjunction with “temporary use of non-downloadable computer software for use in accessing, reading, tracking, trading and using tokens… This story continues at The Next Web


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